Our Miniature Horse Teams

May Lillie and handler Lyndi

Hi I'm, May Lillie, a miniature horse.
I serve as a registered for "complex environment" Pet Partners therapy horse.

Fun facts about me: I was named after May Lillie who co-owned Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West show with her husband (Pawnee Bill) in which she starred as a sharpshooter and expert "lady rider." I love to eat and any treats will do! My birthday is April 16, 2009. I stand 34 inches tall at my withers. 


I love making funny faces and neighing. I especially love people who love horses and am very patient and kind to those who need extra TLC. 


Tillie and handler Lyndi

Hi I'm Tillie, a miniature horse. I serve as a miniature horse therapy team in training!

Fun facts about me: I was named after Tillie Baldwin who imigrated from Norway in 1902 at the age of 14. She was a trick rider and the first woman to try bulldogging, (wrestling full-grown steers to the ground). My favorite treat is carrots! My birthday is April 12, 2012. I stand 34 inches tall at my whithers. I love to give kisses on human hands and cheeks. 

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