Who We Are

Annie's Therapeutic Companions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization consisting of Pet Partners certified Animal Assisted Therapy teams, based out of Dublin, Texas.  Our organization is run by volunteers who love people and animals, who own and train their own animals, and want to serve the public by utilizing them.  ATC teams consist of a handler and dog or other animal who have been extensively trained to offer consistent, safe attention to those in our care.  All of the registered teams in our organization are also extensively trained to help in crisis situations and have an additional certification from Pet Partners in Animal Assisted Crisis Response.  

Pet Partners is the leading national nonprofit organization for Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy. Within our teams, each animal has passed a rigorous Pet Partners test of obedience and willingness to serve. Each handler has passed a thorough Pet Partners evaluation of effective communication, professionalism, and are found capable to work with and guide their animals in various situations. We currently have teams in training with the mindset of joining Pet Partners in the future.

Having consistency in everything we do from training, testing, visiting and working with students and adults.  We have made it part of our mission to further help the communities we serve in times of crisis.

We are proud to announce that ALL of our Pet Partners certified teams have received further training and now have their Animal Assisted Crisis Response Corps Certification.

AACR is a form of animal-assisted activities (AAA) which provides comfort to those who have been affected by natural, human-caused, or technological disasters. 

AACR does not take the place of professional interventions, but provides support in the immediate wake of a crisis through listening, empathy, and sharing the unconditional love of a therapy animal. AACR can be effective for everyone affected by the impact of a crisis, including first responders and crisis management staff.

Who We Serve

We serve those in Erath, Comanche, and Hamilton counties, and work with special needs children at summer camps and open houses every year at Cutting Edge Pediatric & Adult Therapy located in Plano and Mansfield. 

Annie's Therapeutic Companions makes regular consistent visits to hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, senior living/assisted living, veterans services, disaster shelters, first responder facilities, schools, special needs classes in schools, and occupational therapy facilities that work with special needs children. 

Some of the past mentions over the years we have had the pleasure to be at and work alongside students has been Central Elementary (Stephenville ISD), and Hook Elementary (Stephenville ISD). Our Animal Assisted Therapy teams see between 1,500 and 2,500 people a month which includes patients, family members of patients, first responders and staff at all facilities.


Animals can truly be your child’s best friend, according to some studies on the interaction between pets and autistic children.  

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Team Annie and Lyndi

Central Elementary working with the Special ED students