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Meet Our Therapy Animal Teams

"Heart Whispers With Comforting Nuzzles"

Learn a little more about each one of our therapy animal teams! This includes those that are licensed and serving on their own, to those that are in training and working alongside a mentor in facilities until they're licensed and able to be serving on their own. 


Facts About Being an Animal Therapy Team

On average how long does it take for a team in training to complete their required training, workshops, team test/evaluation and become an actual licensed team? 1-2 years

How often do teams have to redo or add to their training and retest? Every 2 years!


Did you know that when we take our animal therapy test the handler and animal get scored separately and that combined score allows them to pass or fail their therapy test? (So the human can fail their test portion and the animal gets a good passing score on their portion of the test and the team will still fail the testing and vice versa.)


There are 2 ratings teams can receive once tested, predicable and complex.


What does the term "complex" mean? Complex is the highest rating you can pass and obtain with Pet Partners during our animal therapy team test/evaluation. This means the animal therapy team is able to handle high stress, chaotic situations and anything unexpected that comes their way, doesn't matter what the situation may be.

Meet Annie's Companions

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