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Interesting Fact About Our Nonprofit Organization

What makes Annie's Therapeutic Companions different from other nonprofit organizations when providing our services to different facilities, general public, and first responders? 


We do not get paid by ANY facility we visit, are SOLELY volunteer and provide our services FREE of charge. All our funds go directly into providing our services. Our organization has no paid employees. 


Who Do We Serve?


We serve those in Erath, Comanche, Hamilton and Hood counties, and work with special needs children at summer camps and open houses every year at Cutting Edge Pediatric & Adult Therapy located in Plano and Mansfield. 


Annie's Therapeutic Companions makes regular consistent visits to hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, senior living/assisted living, veterans services, disaster shelters, first responder facilities, schools, special needs classes in schools and occupational therapy facilities that work with special needs children. 

Our animal therapy teams see between 1,500 and 2,500 people a month which includes patients, family members of patients, first responders and staff at all facilities.


Animals can truly be your child’s best friend, according to some studies on the interaction between pets and autistic children.  

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