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We LOVE hearing from our friends! Want to send letters to our teams? Would you like to join us? Would you like us to make visits to your facility/facilities?  Interested in sending a donation in the form of a check? Send personal letters to our business address listed below.



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Thank you for reaching out to us!

Interested in Sending a Donation?

Our goal is to have all costs incurred by our volunteers covered, so there is not a burden on them and they are free to do what they love and serve the public.  Your tax-deductible donation ensures our organization's success and growth, so we may continue to reach many people and provide the numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits associated with animal therapy visits.  We do not get paid by ANY facility we visit, are SOLELY volunteer and provide our services FREE of charge.  


We thank you for your support as we are funded solely by people who believe in the therapeutic benefits of animal therapy, people like YOU! Thank you for participating and assisting us in our mission. 

Annie's Therapeutic Companions
1617 County Road 555
Dublin, Texas 76446

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